How it Works

Request for Itinerary To start planning for your holiday, simply click the Here
Let us know as much information as possible. You may include details such as your destination likes and dislikes, your budget and expectations, even your travel history. Remember, the more information the better. Don’t stress yourself if you are unsure of your holiday details, or if you only have the vaguest idea where your next holiday will be. We will definitely help you along.
Initial Consultation We will then contact you, either via phone or email or in person (whichever you prefer). Here we will further discuss and confirm all details.The initial consultation is free-of-charge and obligation free.
Draft Itinerary Now that we have a better understanding of you and your travel requirements, we will provide you with a draft itinerary to show highlights of your trip.
Details include:

  • Day-by-day overview
  • Accommodation type for each destination
  • Estimated Budget for entire trip
Deposit Payment Once you confirm the draft itinerary, we will start our design process to create the best and unforgettable travel experience for you. To allow us to commit to this considerable amount of time and effort we will require a non-refundable deposit payment1of $500.1Deposit of $500 will be credited towards final balance.
Detailed Itinerary Once you have placed the deposit, your trip design process begins. Along the way we will fine-tune the entire trip to suit your likings.When you have agreed on the detailed itinerary and price, and all the details are finalized, we will start making reservations. A 50% deposit2will be required to secure your bookings and remaining balance no later than 6 weeks prior to your departure date. If booked within 6 weeks to departure, 100% payment is required.For bookings made within 2 weeks to departure, we require 100% payment upon confirmation of itinerary + $250 (late booking fee).Note that due time difference from the start of planning to the final confirmation of itinerary, we are unable to guarantee the availability of initially proposed third-party vendors. However we will provide with an alternative of equal caliber. Therefore, it is important that you help us to help you by providing as much information, as accurate and as quickly as possible.2For special cases (e.g. chartered flights and yachts, special promotional rates) a larger non-refundable deposit is required.
Trip Information Before your departure, we will prepare your personal webpage containing all the information you require for your trip.This includes:

  • Pre-departure advice
  • Detailed day-by-day itinerary including suggestions for restaurants, shopping etc.
  • Maps and directions
  • Weather forecast
  • Emergency contact numbers
  • Tips and hints on how to maximize your experience
  • Tickets/E-vouchers and booking confirmations etc.

Now you are all set to enjoy your memorable journey. Bon Voyage!


Prices are subject to change until final payment had been made. Change in pricing could be the result of third-party vendor(s)* price increases, fuel rises, and substantial exchange rate increases.

We accept direct bank transfers, bank cheque, credit card payment or cash.


We strongly encourage* you to purchase the necessary travel insurance. If you need recommendations on which insurance is suitable and/or require help in purchasing, let us know and we will be happy to assist.
*Uniq Travelplanner is not responsible for any loss or damage due to any accidents and/or incidents occurred during your trip.